Professional and safe

These are two problems that every commercial property has in common. And H2O Power Washing has the answer for this.

We use a unique system of professional products called F9. These products are used to restore your surfaces concrete surfaces. 

Rust Removal

If you’ve noticed deep orange, red, black, or green streaks on your concrete spaces or exterior, there’s a good chance that the rust is at the root of the issue. We can inspect the area to determine what’s causing rust to grow. After making recommendations on how to prevent a repeat issue, we tackle the existing rust.

We’ll restore your property to a newer finished look. This preserves curb appeal and improves the overall health and safety of your commercial property

Battery Stain Removal

Sulfuric acid, the chemical that makes up battery fluid, isn’t just an eyesore: It’s a serious health and environmental hazard. With the use of our F9 products, we can remove and neutralize the pH of the battery buildup, which transforms the acid into a safe sodium sulfate. Next, we’ll wash down the affected area to remove the stain. Our service ensures that sulfuric acid isn’t eroding your concrete or contaminating runoff.

H2O Power Washing can help our customers improve their curb appeal with our F9 restoration products. 


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